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Friday, October 9, 2009

Partnering Around the World

Tomorrow at 10am the goal to help the people of Kolkata will be relaunched in my life. Since January of this year my heart has worked, prayed and beat for these people. Tomorrow is my first real chance here state-side to work for them again.

At Beaverdam Heritage Day my youth group from Beaverdam United Methodist Church will be fundraising for the children and youth of a partner group in Kolkata.

I am anxious, and nervous, but excited.

I hope that tomorrow through whatever comes God may be glorified and these people may begin to have some more support since all their backing has left in the economic downturn. I also pray that peoples' eyes may be open to the poor and broken of this world, that do not have a voice to cry out.

In spite of how rough our economy is I am constantly reminded from pictures and stories from friends in Kolkata how easy we have it. Let us not forget to praise God for the roofs we have, and the beds and food. In Kolkata there are over 200,000 children homeless, if we add in adults the number is over 450,000 people living homeless in the streets, grime and slums. How can we ignore these silent cries for help?

I pray that as you go about your days tomorrow, pray for us and this endeavor. I also ask that you pray how you may help.

We have been blessed abundantly in America, when will we start to give back?
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