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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friendships, Life

I was rolling through Myspace today, and looking at old comments (2005-present) because it seems now I just have a Myspace for the simple reason to work on website layouts or to give Colin a chance to work on a few different designs.

Anyway, the point is I have seen a lot of changes over the last few years and a few friends gained I would never have guessed and a few friends who have chosen to go different ways.

The point is, why do we enter into some friendships, and why do we let some go without a care in the world.

To some people I guess we are a chance to pass time, to others we are there to help for a while and then to let them go when they have mended. Some leave because they simply want to. Finally, a select few become family, they are there in the ups, and the downs, they have fought with and stood for us, and have always been there when we have needed them. They are the diehards for which we praise God, and they are the ones we will always strive to make proud. They will never abandon us, but will always offer help, and wisdom.

God has a reason he brings everyone into our lives and at the moment we may not know why he may have picked such an odd cast of characters, but, in the end we will realize they made the days and nights that we will never forget.

So to my friends, my family, I say thanks. Thanks for being there from the days of transferring high schools, to the ups and downs of college, to the wedding week, to the send off, thank you. To those of you who have taught me, and to those who have fought alongside me, thank you. We came from some crazy walks of life, and we randomly became family. I am truly speechless in thanks for all of you, and have no clue where I would be if not for you.

To anyone reading this I posit two quotes I have stumbled upon but have some meaning in my life.

"My heart represents my past, my heart. I used to worry a lot. Life for me now is to tell men, walk with who you are. You've never heard me say walk perfect -- walk with who you are. Be OK with who you are. Don't worry about being liked, don't walk through this world trying to be liked, that's being who you are, that's being respected, that's being respected, that's being who you are, Then you don't have to pretend that you're somebody you're really not."
-Ray Lewis


i want to be remembered for my loyalty, I will go down with the ship, my friends will be my friends when I'm on top and when I am down low. It takes a lot to lose me as a friend.

-Pete Wentz

As I look back on my life today I feel as if these two quotes are very close to me. I don't pretend anymore, but my heart will carry the past and will carry friends, and family forever. In that, I would say that has made me a pretty loyal friend and I can only hope to learn better how to be a friend as life goes on.

I think that it is for nostalgia at the time being, thanks for the memories.
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