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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Four Years Ago

Recently I have been watching the countdown of the best plays in the Weis era at Notre Dame. The top few as they reach number one at the start of camp for the 2009 season have come from 2005. Namely Oct 15th, 2005 against USC. This was one of the greatest games in Notre Dame history even thought they did get hosed in the end.

What this countdown has done has made me think back to what I was doing in the fall of 2005 and how much things have changed.

1) I was a freshman in college at Randolph-Macon.
2) I was in the FYE In God's Good Time
3) I was playing football for the school.
4) I was a WR lol, thanks for screwing up the tapes student workers who sorted them out, what a story, ask and I will tell it.
5) I was 18.
6) In particular on Oct 15th we got our first win of the season 27-3 over Emory and Henry.
7) We were young, and time never mattered.
8) Life was easy. Class, football, goof off.

What were you guys doing in the Fall of 2005?


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