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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bring the Reign

So, I just got home from taking my youth on a trip to Fredericksburg, VA to see Shane Claiborne speak and spend some time doing some mission work in the streets of old Fredericksburg.

Shane got me thinking. Here is why. We, I believe as Christians are great at complaining and I will be the first to say that I have done my own fair share. We seem to always have a problem with the "Church" or with its leadership. However, we have forgotten that we are the answer to our own problems. The "Church" was not made to be some disembodied, disjointed group, but a cohesive group working to better the world, that actually took what Jesus said as what he meant. The Church is to be a band of brothers and sisters, or a band of wounded healers.

So I will ask us to begin to re-read the Gospel and to think while reading it, "What if Jesus meant what He said?" How will that change, and alter our lives, thinking and actions? More so, how will that reshape the Church in America, and in the world?

I feel it will be truly revolutionary.

I believe that if we undertake this challenge together, and pray with each other we will be much closer to the community that God has willed, and will begin to change those around us.

Like Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew when we reach the Day of Judgment we will not be bombarded with doctrinal, nor theological problems. There will be no question of virgin birth, infant baptism, or Baptist or Methodist. Jesus will ask when did we feed the hungry, clothe the homeless, and visit those in prison. We are called to be a people of action, and that means we will need to begin to act like the church and not just talk like one.

People today do not want a sermon, they do not want the way of the master. They are looking for something that fascinates and interests, or something that will challenge them.

I will say, that I will start this new journey, and undertake it with fear, and joy constantly looking for the awesome trouble that Jesus will get me into. I pray for others to come with me, and to pray with me for the Church.

Like our youth group now yells, "Bring The Reign!" Its more than the afterlife, its the present life. So let's bring some healing, hope, and love to those around us. Let us take what Jesus said as truth and become a true counter culture that works against interrupted grace, and preaches a gospel of scandalous love.


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