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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Say Something Theological...Church

I challenge all of you to read the article written by Hauerwas on Jonestown. It will more than likely make your blood run hot and make you a little bit irritated, and here is the kicker I completely agree with all the Hauerwas proposes in the article.

The failure and murder at Jonestown is an indictment. It is an indictment to our passivity and failure to stand for the beliefs that are God has sent down to his community and even more a failure of the Church to live in like of the cross. It is our failure to not be bold and state false for false simply for the sake of not rocking the boat of tolerance.

Jim Jones was able to advocate a public theology and win a following and found a true alternative community, in essence in his cultic stance he was able to make a more "Christian" community then the church has had since before the conversion of Constantine. Further, he was able to win theological arguments with his converts and mainstream Christians because the Church has not stood against heresy or taught its people how to decisively argue against it, or see it. That is clear in his throwing away the Bible because it got in the way of understanding and no one, NO ONE, objecting, but agreeing.

As a church we need some serious change. We really need to be an alternative community. The call of the church is more than what we do for an hour on sunday mornings, and occassionaly for an hour on Wednesday and Sunday nights. We are called to be witnesses to fulfill the great commission. We are called to be the church, we are not called to blend in with society and make pals. Our work is God's work, it is challenging and we should make claims informed by our faith, and then people may see that we are something vital, and that we do have something important to say.

Let's be a community, completely seperate and other than society. Let's show the world what real Christianity is, in essence let's be the church. Then, maybe, we will finally start to see some change around here.


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