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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I heard an interesting comment today in class, it was that miracles don't happen today, I think the rationalists were right in England, we need to understand things the way they are today.

I have to strongly disagree with that.

Miracles happen all the time, we just need faith. Here is an example, while in India, we were riding around Kolkata on our free day with some of our new friends. Kolkata, and India in general is a Hindu nation, and evangelizing or preaching in public is not allowed. However, we are in a taxi on a ride back to Salt Lake and our hotel and our friend, Aklesh takes the time to go through a conversation about God with him while touching on all the Hindu gods he has in the car. In the process the man expresses he wants to know more about Christ and he prays with us, meanwhile the whole car full of us is praying for this man. That is a miracle, this man a strong Hindu sees the light of God while driving a taxi full of us "kids."

Secondly, every time a flower opens is a miracle, the fact that we breathe is a miracle, and it is the very breath of God that is in us.

If you want a miracle pray and have faith, they are here and they happen. Just because the ocean doesn't part, or you don't pass a test is by no signs that God does not work amazing things into everyday of our lives, take time to look for them, God makes himself known all the time.
Just look at this image of space, I definitely would classify that as a miracle and a sign from God. How about you?