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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beaverdam UMC

Sorry I have been away for a little bit, but I have been pretty bogged down with wedding planning, and with catching up and trying to get ahead on school work. Anyway, I have recently been named the Youth Director at Beaverdam United Methodist Church, and it is a blessing to serve there. The people are truly devoted to God and to doing his will something that a lot of churches forget to do while seeking to fulfill their own desires, but that is another blog.

I officially get to head into the classroom and begin teaching this week and that will be awesome. The youth group is about 25 kids, from a church of about 40 people, so it is going to be awesome to get to work with the church and see where God leads over the next few years.

I ask those of you that read this to please pray for Beaverdam and the youth, pray that God continues to work in the kids lives and their parents as well, also pray that I can continue to seek Him first and see His will for his kids.

Okay, now it is off to take a quiz in Islam and then off to lead a discussion on Jonestown with other religious studies major. But on a high note, less than 25 actual classes left until I graduate.


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